Body Mount Relocation Kit
Body Mount Relocation Kit
Body Mount Relocation Kit

Body Mount Relocation Kit


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The Hefty Fabworks Body Mount Relocation kit is the ultimate solution for fitting larger tires on your 4Runner, Tacoma or GX. Unlike some other kits on the market, our relocation kit is designed to add strength to the frame and body mount while increasing the tire clearance. No more compromising the frame structure with poorly designed products, we provide a large frame plate that is welded into the frame and spreads the load across a large area, spanning across the original body mount areas and frame holes to eliminate frame cracking and structure issues associated with many relocations. 

Made in the USA!!

CNC laser cut and formed in house at Hefty Fabworks in Colorado Springs, CO

Kit includes: Drivers and Passenger side mounts, Two backer plates, Lower gusset plates, New Bushings and hardware to complete your install.


Installation should be done by a professional and requires cutting, grinding and welding. The quality of the welding will determine the strength of the final product so pick your installer with this in mind. Average install time 5 hours.

Support the body of the vehicle with jacks or use a wedge between the body and frame to maintain the correct spacing. (don't forget to remove the wedge after the install is completed)

Pulling the interior floor carpet back, find the factory body mount bolt and remove the bolt from the vehicle. Remove the body mount.

Cut the factory body mount off the vehicle making sure not to cut into the frame, grind smooth.

Install the supplied frame plate: determine the location of the frame plate with the new body mount, start tacking the plate in at the rear portion. The plates are flat when they come to you, we recommend welding the section of the plate to the frame that sits flat, then while hot use a large hammer to for the plate to the frame towards the front of the vehicle and continue your weld as you go.

Install the body mount plate with the new hardware and tighten to compress the bushing. Tack weld the bracket into place then remove the bushing and hardware. Fully weld the mount into place, then weld in the lower brace. Wait for the brackets to cool then paint with a high quality paint before installing bushings.