Off Roading Near Colorado Springs

Best Off Roading Experiences Near Colorado Springs

When you buy a new off-road, part of the excitement is discovering everything your car can do and use to its full potential. Numerous off-road models come standard with four-wheel drive, enabling drivers to navigate rugged terrain inaccessible to most automobiles. If you are a resident of Colorado Springs and thus are ready to discover how much fun your off-road is capable of providing, then you should go Colorado springs off roading for the best experience.

1. Crow Creek Loop

Slaughterhouse Gulch is another name for this prominent location for off-roading enthusiasts. However, the off-roading experience that can be had there makes up for the place's very unappealing moniker. The track is just under nine miles long and can be completed in one to three hours, making it ideal for a fun afternoon of off-roading in your off-road vehicle. The path can get relatively confined at times, and there are a few challenging sections along the way. If this is your first-time off-roading, you might want to continue driving down Slaughterhouse Gulch until you have some experience. In addition to this, check to see if your vehicle has the necessary equipment to operate in harsh environments. The path is open for a more significant portion of the year compared to trails located at higher elevations, which are more likely to be closed due to snowfall. This is because the course is located at a relatively low level. A little more than an hour is all it takes to go from Colorado Springs to the trailhead.

2. Switzerland Trail

You can't drive your Nissan to Switzerland, so heading to the Switzerland Trail in Boulder County is the next best thing. The trail is close to eight and a half miles and ascends to an elevation of between 7,700 and 9,000 feet. This is a beautiful location to start if you are new to off-roading because most of the path is enjoyable without being too difficult for beginners to handle. After driving the trail, you will arrive at some beautiful picnic spots; therefore, you should pack a lunch and make a day out. From Colorado Springs, the trailhead may be reached in a little over an hour and a half.

3. Weston Pass Trail

The region close to Weston Pass Trail offers a little something different to everyone who visits it. However, additional routes in the area demand a higher level of off-roading ability and a vehicle with high clearance, such as the Nissan Titan. The path is suitable for individuals who are just starting in the sport of off-roading. Along the path, there are several abandoned gold mines and log houses that you can stop at to investigate and photograph. You will have the impression that you have traveled through time! In addition, the mountains' panoramic vistas are sure to enchant you. Two and a half hours from Colorado Springs, in the direction of Leadville, is where you'll find Weston Pass Trail.

4. Grand Mesa Trails

You can choose from more than 150 miles of off-road paths if you go to Grand Mesa National Forest, located just south of Mesa and Collbran. The routes will lead you past some truly breathtaking scenery, such as lakes, meadows, and various kinds of trees. Since the paths are designed to suit drivers with varying degrees of experience in off-roading, you will be able to take pleasure in the forest whether you are just beginning to explore the possibilities of four-wheel drive or you have been off-roading for many years. Since it will take you over six hours to drive to the forest from Colorado Springs, you should prepare to spend the night there and bring all your camping equipment.

5. Mount Baldy

Approximately 15 miles southwest of Colorado Springs, in the Pike National Forest, is where you'll find Mount Baldy. In a little over six miles, the trail reaches an altitude of over eleven thousand feet. It's far more isolated and rarely visited than any other route around. To find peace and quiet, come here. Many kinds of hiking, biking, horseback riding, and other outdoor pursuits can be done on the many paths in Pikes peak. You can drive your family sedan or minivan on the area's gentle pathways. However, those who own 4x4 vehicles in the Colorado Springs area should check out the area's 4x4 trails. These paths wind their way up towards the mountains. The drive is a visual feast because of the sweeping vistas of the plains and mountains.

6. Rampart Range Road

Pike National Forest in Colorado is home to a Jeep trail known as the Rampart Range Road. The Civil Conservation Corps constructed this well-used and well-kept area in the 1930s. On the route, you may find a commemorative stone placed there just after the trail was finished and opened back in 1933. Rampart Range Road travels through multiple counties from its northernmost point in Colorado to Colorado Springs. The southernmost section is the easiest to drive and has the best scenery.

Pike National Forest offers a Christmas tree cutting permit program every year for anyone who wants to harvest a tree for the holiday season. You may get the permit for $10. Inside Rampart Range Road is where most folks go to get their Christmas tree. Because of its small and challenging sections, the Crow Creek Loop is not a good ATV trail for novice riders. Before attempting this rugged terrain, you should get some Jeep trail experience. It would help if you also prepare your Jeep for off-road routes by making sure it can handle rough terrain.


By now, you're probably excited to explore these breathtaking off-road routes. You're in for quite the experience! The one thing to remember is that there is always some degree of risk involved in an adventure. What could happen could happen. The terrain on these off-road paths may also differ from what you're used to. Off-roading is a great activity that allows you to get out into nature while also putting your off-road capabilities to the test. Have fun exploring Colorado Springs and its surrounding areas. Ready to level up your rig? Explore our wide variety of front and rear bumpers, skid systems, rock sliders, recovery equipment, illumination, and more. At Hefty Fabworks, we are happy to install any of your preferred add-ons.