ARB High Performance On-Board Compressor for ARB Air Lockers - CKMA12

ARB High Performance On-Board Compressor for ARB Air Lockers - CKMA12


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 The ARB Air Compressor is an integral component of the air locker system. The ARB Compressor Kit is designed to operate single as well as a dual (front and rear) locker system. Not only will it enable the ARB lockers to work; but it is also capable of supplying air pressure for other occasions, such as refilling a low tire. This air compressor features a die cast aluminum storage tank, oil-less operation and the highest air delivery capacity of all the mid-price range compressors (100 psi) setting on cut off switch. The ARB Air Compressor Kit contains a pre-assembled compressor, mounting clamp, backing plate, pressure switch, wire loom and all the mounting hardware. Current draw of 9 amps during no load, 20 amps for full load.

  • Compact design makes it the highest flowing compressor in its class (voltage vs size)

  • Fully sealed components for moisture and dust

  • Pressure switch controlled air manifold systems specially designed to suit ARB Air Locker equipped vehicles

  • Hard anodized cylinder bore and PTFE (Teflon) impregnated carbon fiber piston seal for reduced friction and maximum trouble free life

  • New anodized mounting bracket dissipates motor heat and allows compressor to be repositioned 180°

  • Anti-vibration sound deadening mount

  • Relocatable splash resistant air filter assembly for cleaner, cooler air supply and versatile waterproof air intake positioning

  • High density, high flow washable sintered bronze air filter element

  • Maxi-Fuse equipped for professional in-line circuit protection

  • Motor is 100% ball bearing equipped with unique linear brush pre-load system for extra long life, low heat and quiet operation

  • Compressor piston is equipped with a German made high shock rated cylindrical roller bearing

  • Constructed entirely of light weight, high strength engineering grade materials, including military and aerospace grade components

  • Over-pressure safety valve equipped

  • Motor is internally thermal protected against extreme temperature damage

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